The Integrated Rapid Infectious Disease Analysis (IRIDA) project is a Canadian-led initiative to build an open source, end-to-end platform for public health genomics.



Public health, food safety, and clinical microbiology labs around the world are embracing whole genome sequencing and genomic epidemiological approaches to modernize their infectious disease research, surveillance, diagnostics, and outbreak investigation programs. This new technology requires powerful, yet easy-to-use, intuitive software in order to transition these new Big Data methods out of the lab and into the front lines of public health activity. IRIDA is designed to make infectious disease genomics accessible to epidemiologists, clinical microbiologists, and the broader research community.



Latest news

IRIDA 19.01 Released

IRIDA’s 19.01 version is now available!  Download the new release on GitHub at You may have noticed a new style of version number for IRIDA.  We have switched to a CalVer style …

IRIDA on GitHub

IRIDA’s full development process has been moved to GitHub at to help enable the community to contribute to the IRIDA project.  You can see our list of issues and our …

IRIDA 0.22.0 Released

IRIDA has been upgraded to version 0.22.0.  This release contains mostly performance improvements and bug fixes but includes a few user features: Save Analysis Results after completion Analysis pipeline results …